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52 year old patient

Recently I had a surgery that has helped to change my life. Before I had this surgery I was very uncomfortable about the way my genitalia looked. I had always felt inhibited when I was involved in a relationship and my sexuality was suppressed for as long as I can remember.

I thought that I could never have sex again after a boyfriend asked me if I was undergoing a sex change because of the way my labia hung.  I was so scarred by those comments and I felt different from other women. I thought I was abnormal!

When I discovered Dr. Serrão, I finally found hope. He and his nurse are wonderful, they listened and understood my insecurity. I immediately trusted Dr. Serrão and felt safe discussing the changes I wanted to occur in regards to the surgery. He was very calm which helped relieve my anxiety and presented himself in the most intelligent and professional manner. He was thorough in explaining the procedure and brought clarity to my fear. 

I decided to have the operation and it has been a wonderful success that I cannot describe in words. The healing took 6 weeks and I visited Dr. Serrão regularly every 2 weeks in the recovery period. They were always available to take care of me and returned all of my calls promptly.  The nurses were wonderful and the care was the best I ever had. The surgery went well and Dr. Serrão’s surgical center was state-of-the-art.  The visual appearance of before and after is amazing and it has truly changed my life!

Dr. Serrão is a caring man who is an excellent surgeon and a perfectionist at what he does.  I recommend this surgery to women who feel different. Don’t be afraid that no one will understand or be able to help you in this area. Dr. Serrão and his team are compassionate and will help lift your feelings of insecurity.  If you are embarrassed by the way your genitalia look please know there is hope.  Dr. Serrão is the most caring doctor that I have ever been to, call him today and stop feeling abnormal. This surgery changed my life! 


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