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ThermiVa Reviews in Orlando, FL

As soon as I heard that Dr. Serrão will be doing the ThermiVa procedure, I knew I had to make an appointment. As I have gotten older I’ve noticed a little more leaking from the bladder and vaginal looseness, I’ve always wanted to have some sort of non-surgical procedure done with no downtime, as I am a nurse.

So far, I have had only 1 treatment and I can already feel the difference! I can honestly say, the bladder leakage has improved and I’m able to do more activities; things already feel tighter! The whole procedure was comfortable and I actually could have fallen asleep on the table. Dr. Serrão and his team are so caring and have the best ‘bedside’ manners too. I definitely recommend ThermiVa to all the women out there who is looking for a quick and easy fix for their ‘problem area’.
~ K.O. 60 years old



Already feeling tighten vagina and bladder control . The procedure (ThermiVa) was painless and felt more like a massage. Dr Serrão was very gentle and experienced during the procedure. I have two more sessions and very excited and confident about the end results. Anyone having bladder control issues when sneezing or coughing. I would recommend Dr Serrão to administer this procedure.
~ Anonymous


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