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Welcome to Serrão Rejuvenation Center

Dr. John Serrão is proud to be the first physician in Central Florida to specialize in modern cosmetic-plastic gynecology. He and his caring healthcare team would like to welcome you to our practice dedicated to women.  Serrão Rejuvenation Center, founded in 1999, understands the needs of today’s total woman.  Women want to be youthful and beautiful – they want to look and feel feminine!  A woman’s sexual health and wellness may be affected by childbirth, vaginal relaxation, abnormal genitalia or even cultural concerns. Whatever your reason, Serrão Rejuvenation Center has the solution.

Some of our most requested female genital cosmetic surgeries performed are:

Dr. John Serrão has helped women from all over the world to feel feminine again!

Why Choose Our Practice…

Our practice is dedicated to the needs of today’s total woman.

Our practice empowers women with knowledge, choice and alternatives.

Our practice believes that every woman is an individual with unique needs and concerns so we listen to you.

Our practice provides a holistic approach to promote inner health and outer beauty.

Our practice is award-winning and cares for women from all over the world and will truly care for you.

Our practice delivers natural results that you will love and results that we are proud of.

Our practice is your practice; begin your rejuvenation today!

“My staff and I are truly dedicated to the needs of today’s total woman. Our goal is to empower women with an understanding of their bodies and to educate them on the choices they have to achieve balance, beauty, and sexual well-being. I promise to take care of you on your journey of rejuvenation.”

– Dr. Serrão

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