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Cosmetic Gynecology in Orlando, FL

Cosmetic Surgeon in Orlando, FL Office Manager in Orlando, FL Surgical Assistant in Orlando, FL
E John Serrão, MD,
Medical Director
Larissa Serrão, RN
Office Manager
Bill Malone, PA
Surgical Assistant
Anesthesia in Orlando, FL Surgical Care Coordinator in Orlando, FL Surgical Team in Orlando, FL
Bonnie Tretter, CRNA
Valarie Delaporte, RN
Surgical Care Coordinator
Sharon Kelly, RN
Surgical Team
OR & Recovery
Scrub Nurse in Orlando, FL Wellness Care Coordinator in Orlando, FL Medical Assistant in Orlando, FL
Marci Capuano, RN
Surgical Team
Scrub Nurse
Dori Dobbs, LPN
Wellness Care Coordinator
Dawn Smith, MA
Medical Assistant
Receptionist & Billing
Practice Concierge in Orlando, FL Paramedical Aesthetician in Orlando, FL Full Specialist in Orlando, FL
Kathleen Lai
Practice Concierge/
Assistant Manager
Angelica Duggar, LE, CE
Paramedical Aesthetician
Certified Endermologist
Kimberly Scheidt
Full Specialist
Skin & Nail Care

Together, we have over 275 years of experience!